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PCI Compliance Scanning

PCI Compliance Scanning

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Leverage a robust PCI data security scanning solution from an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) that meets all the PCI Security Standards Council requirements

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Minimize the risk of compromise for cardholder data and the potential impact on your organization

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Fulfill PCI compliance reporting requirements for the acquiring banks, card brands or other requesting entities you do business with

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How PCI Compliance Scanning Works

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance scans are conducted through a self-managed web-based PCI Compliance Scanning portal which is consistently updated with the latest threat intelligence and certified annually to meet all the PCI Security Standards Council requirements. Using a simple interface or intuitive wizard you configure, schedule and run scans for the hosts that store, process or transmit cardholder data. If vulnerabilities are identified you are presented with details about the vulnerabilities and remediation steps that can be used to address them. Your team can then work to resolve the findings and then rescan the hosts to confirm that any identified vulnerabilities have been addressed. Once your hosts that process credit card information are secured from all known high and medium vulnerabilities the Executive, Detailed and Attestation PCI compliance reports will be certified with a passing status and can be delivered to your acquiring banks, card brands or other requesting entities you do business with. Additionally, the portal provides a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) wizard that can be used to help you identify the SAQ type that aligns with your business requirements so you can complete an online version of the SAQ and report the results of your PCI Data Security Standards (DSS) self-assessment.


Download the Clone Systems PCI Compliance Scanning Datasheet (PDF).