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Managed Penetration Testing

managed penetration testing

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Obtain support, education, and guidance from certified security engineers on how to improve your network

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Improve your overall security posture and your policies and procedures by understanding the vulnerabilities within your network and how to remediate them

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Meet and exceed audit, regulatory and compliance requirements validated by Clone Systems security expertise


How Managed Penetration Testing Works

Our team of certified security engineers will work closely with you to understand your business requirements, identify the infrastructure and applications that will be in scope for the penetration test, and to schedule the 4 days of comprehensive testing. They will then simulate real-world attacks against the in-scope assets using best of breed open source and proprietary tools with the latest threat intelligence. A combination of white hat and black hat techniques will be leveraged to validate your internal and external security controls and to discover any weaknesses that can be used to compromise and gain unauthorized access to your environment. Any identified risks and vulnerabilities will be documented and our security engineers will review the findings with your team and provide guidance on how to remediate the vulnerabilities and improve your security posture. Ample time will be provided to your team to address and resolve the findings after which we will conduct another rescan of your environment. Upon confirming that the identified security risks and vulnerabilities have been addressed we will provide a certified pass report that can be used to meet your audit, regulatory and compliance requirements.


Download the Clone Systems Managed Penetration Testing Datasheet (PDF).