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Log Management

Log Management

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Allows you to quickly and easily review logs to find vulnerabilities and troubleshoot your network

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Empowers you with a holistic view of security events across your entire network, helps to quickly identify key areas that need urgent attention, and facilitates troubleshooting and resolution

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With enhanced visibility and access to relevant log information you can expedite troubleshooting, remediation, compliance and audit requirements

enhanced visibility

* Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Correlation available as an additional service

How Log Management Works

Our team of certified security engineers will work closely with you to review your current infrastructure and solutions and to identify the recommended devices that should forward logs so that you can maximize your ability to find vulnerabilities, identify suspicious activity, and troubleshoot your network. A Log Management device will be configured according to your business requirements so that your team can install it within your network and begin the process of forwarding essential logs that will be parsed, normalized, classified, and categorized into a central repository. We will then work closely with your team to train them on the intuitive Log Management solution so they can obtain a holistic view of security events across their network and quickly conduct real-time searching and analysis across a large volume of log information. Our Security Operation Center (SOC) will consistently monitor the logs sent to the Log Management device to triage events and escalate alerts as needed 24/7 so your team can expedite troubleshooting and resolution of urgent events that require your attention. Additionally, your logs will be securely archived on a nightly basis to Clone Systems enterprise data center to comply with industry standards and regulations and to support any future disaster recovery effort or forensic investigation.


Download the Clone Systems Log Management Datasheet (PDF).